Covid-19 and short-time work: AI analysis on rent losses in Germany

Juri Ostaschov

Chief Data Scientist (CDS)

Juri Ostaschov

Juri Ostashov is Chief Data Scientist (CDS) at PREA.

Juri works closely with the Transaction and Acquisitions team to get the most out of the artificial intelligence Mercury. Juri is responsible for both, the development and analyses that make the in-house artificial intelligence mercury what it is.

Prior to PREA, Juri was a data scientist at Artwizz, a smartphone accessories manufacturer. There, he was responsible for developing and designing statistical systems that optimized the company's delivery and ordering systems.

Juri holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg.

0049 157 77 917 694

0049 30 311 977 44

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