"Everyone once in Berlin" was a famous advertising slogan from the 1920s. Today, 100 years later, the Berlin hype is unbroken. But not everyone who wants to plunge into the pulsating capital city life in the evening or at the weekend wants to live directly in the city. Instead, many opt for a flat in the countryside, just outside Berlin.

PREA verkauft Wohngrundstück in Teltow
PREA sells residential property in Teltow

PREA brokers transaction of residential property in Teltow

To ensure that enough flats can be built for newcomers in Berlin's suburbs, more new construction projects have been underway for some time. This is also the case in Teltow. PREA GmbH recently sold a 7,800 square metre plot to a local developer. As there is currently no building permission, there are no more precise details about the project yet. However, we can already promise one thing: it will only take a stone's throw for the future residents to have a relaxing picnic on the banks of the Teltow Canal.